Dominic Murphy


My name is Dominic, I’ve been a client of Pavis for 18 months now, my main contact is Carly Dunningham.

Unfortunately, around 18-20 months ago, I came into a substantial amount of money and didn’t have a clue what to do with it. Unfortunately, it was life insurance for my wife. I genuinely didn’t have a clue what to do with the cash. So, instead of trying to paddle my own canoe, I decided to plump for a financial adviser, and chose Pavis.

I did not know where to go and what to do with the money. I needed to make sure for the sake of my children, that the money was protected and safe. I know it’s never risk-free completely but utilising the services of Pavis reduced the level of risk that I felt I was putting into the investment.

So, I have come across a whole host of financial management firms over the years through work and Pavis have a very, very good reputation in the locality where we are. And any dealings I had with them through work, I found them very professional, very solid, very dependable and that’s exactly the sort of people I wanted to work with in terms of investment.

I feel very secure, in the sense that, cash has been invested correctly, it is generating income for me. Although instead of generating income just for me, I’ve invested it on behalf of my two sons, 11 and 13. So they will have financial security in the future.

They sat down right from day one, I said what I wanted from the process, what I wanted from the cash. With that in mind, I’ve been able to plan ahead. It’s not simply short term, how can we maximise the money, it’s always in the context of investment and planning ahead for the future with the kids.

The three words I would use to describe my interaction with Pavis and Pavis as a company, is professional, safe, secure.

The best thing about working with Pavis is the security you feel around your investment. I feel like Carly is investing my money. But she acts like she’s investing hers. It’s that sort of field. She will not put any of the investments at risk. Or she will do everything she can to make sure she maximises it as well as keeping it safe.

The best advice Carly gave me was probably at our first meeting. She sat down, we had a coffee, and we chatted through the options. She was at pains to make sure I felt safe with the process that everything had to be right. There was no straight ploughing into a hard sell. There was no “I’m going to do this with your money”. It was more about putting an arm around me, especially in the situation that I found myself in, that was very important.
I wholeheartedly recommend Pavis for any sort of financial advice, everything that they’ve done over the process of the last 18 months; working with them has been professional, stable, secure, correct. They’ve maximised all the opportunities they can without being at all risky with the money.

I know they’re there at any time I pick up a phone. I can email, Carly is always available. There are apps I can keep track of everything. The whole process with Pavis was easy and not a chore, it wasn’t hard work.

"Pavis provided the financial advice I needed after losing a loved one"

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