Our approach to investing

The right portfolio for you

Your tolerance of risk, capacity for loss and timescales for investing will determine the amount of exposure to risk markets (equities and property) and also the type of fixed interest you should hold.

Attitude to Risk

Pavis use a tried and tested risk profiling tool to work out your behavioural “attitude to risk”. It tells us how cautious (or not!) you might be. It tells us what level of return you might want to target and the loss you might be able to tolerate without feeling uncomfortable.

Capacity for Loss

We also need to consider your specific circumstances to determine your financial (as opposed to emotional) capacity for loss. This could differ between different accounts for the same person. For example, a pension untouched for at least 20 years is different to a cash sum needed to buy a house or to pay a tax bill next year.


As a rule, funds for long-term financial needs (invested for five or more years, and either providing an income or not) are investment funds. Funds, where you need capital within five years, aren’t suited to long-term investment strategies. Keep these on deposit or weighted towards cash and cash-like holdings (short-dated fixed interest, national savings certificates, and the like).

Our investment beliefs

Embrace Market Pricing

Each day, the world equity markets process billions of pounds in trades between buyers and sellers – and the real-time information they bring helps set prices.

Don’t try to outguess the markets

The market’s pricing power can work against some active fund managers who try to outperform through stock picking or market timing.

Resist chasing past performance

Some investors select actively managed funds based on their past returns. Yet, past performance offers little insight into a fund’s future returns.

Let markets work for you

Historically, the equity and bond markets have provided growth of wealth for long-term investors that has more than offset inflation.

Consider the drivers of returns

Investors can pursue higher expected returns by structuring their portfolios around equity and fixed income dimensions identified in academic research.

Practice smart diversification

Holding securities across many market segments can help manage overall risk. Global diversification can broaden your investment universe.

Avoid market timing

You never know which market index will outperform from year to year. By holding a diversified portfolio, investors are well-positioned to seek returns wherever they occur.

Manage your emotions

Many people struggle to separate their emotions from investing. Reacting to current market conditions may lead to making poor investment decisions.

Look beyond the headlines

When headlines unsettle you, consider the source and maintain a long-term perspective.

Focus on what you can control

A financial planner can offer expertise and guidance to help you focus on actions that add value. This can lead to a better investment experience.

Please note, the value of investments and the income from them, can go down as well as up, so you may get back less than you invest. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Our Portfolios

We offer a wide range of investment portfolios covering all risk spectrums, whether investing for the long-term or for those taking income.

Once we’ve considered your attitude to risk, capacity for loss and timeline, your adviser will select the most appropriate portfolio to help you achieve your financial goals and objectives.

Our core model solutions are the Pavis Verso Portfolios, discretionary managed portfolios co-manufactured by Pavis and Verso*. Discretionary management means that the Verso investment managers will be able to change the investments and holdings of the portfolio so that it continues to meet the objectives that it aims to achieve.

The aim of the Pavis Verso Portfolios is to apply robust, reliable and sensible measures to our investment process.  Our goal is to deliver reliable returns, net of costs.  We won’t try to outperform a rising market by taking more risks, but we will try to lose less in a falling market by taking fewer risks.

You can read more about our Pavis Verso Portfolios here.

Our core portfolios are:

Click on each portfolio to review its quarterly factsheet.

*The Pavis Verso Portfolios are managed by Verso Investment Management, a Verso Group company, authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Balancing and Rebalancing

Once we’ve agreed on the most suitable portfolio matching your investment objectives, we use a portfolio management system to monitor your assets. This makes sure your portfolio remains consistent with these goals.

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