So, my name is Emma. I’ve been a client to Pavis for three years and my adviser is Steve Robertshaw.

The advice I sought was whether to transfer my pension out of my company scheme or not. It was a quandary for me in terms of doing the right thing. And there were lots of questions and lots of advice I required. I found that Pavis took me through those steps, very carefully, very sensibly, and gave me lots of independent advice. I then felt I was in a position, with enough information, to make an informed choice.

I was recommended to use Pavis, by a very good colleague of mine, who had used them to do some work with his pension. He’d been really pleased with the level of diligence and service that he had received.

I contacted probably about three or four financial companies to discuss my pension. Some of them were very professional, some of them didn’t come back to me. Some of them I felt didn’t really have my interests at heart, I just felt like I was a number. Whereas with Pavis, I felt like there was a personal relationship. Steve’s been to see me at home, I can get him any time on the phone. We can talk about all the things as well. So, I felt really comfortable with Steve as an adviser.

I don’t worry anymore about my financial future, I know it’s in safe hands. And I know I’m working with a really reputable company that have got a really good track record.

Decisions have been made that are now in place, and I have a good portfolio, and a sense of relief, that I’ve got real professional help that’s guided me through the process. I can make decisions and do things in the future that I probably wouldn’t have been able to do before I was introduced to the company.

The three words I would use to describe Pavis are professional, competent, and personal.

The best thing about working with Pavis is the professionalism, competence, and personal relationships.

The best piece of advice has been in terms of giving me the confidence to put into place a robust financial plan and transfer my pension into the portfolio. That decision was huge for me and that has been the best advice and the support that they have given me through that process.

I would recommend Pavis to friends or family or other colleagues and indeed I have done so, because of the level of care, professionalism and service that I have received with all my enquiries or questions that I’ve had over the last couple of years.

"Pavis have put a robust plan in place for me, I now feel confident about my financial future"

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